Government of India
Ministry of Agriculture and Farmers Welfare
(Department of Agriculture and Farmers Welfare)
North Eastern Region Farm Machinery Training & Testing Institute
  Biswanath Chariali, District: Biswanath, Assam   
*An ISO 9001:2015 Certified Institute*


A Library with reasonable collections of 3224 including Text, Technical books and Reference Books, 3496 nos. Test Report, 415 nos. BIS Codes, 60 nos. Parts Catalogue, about 30 nos. Periodicals/ Journals and Newsletters on various Technical Fields and Mechanized farming and related subject, Magazine on English & Hindi Literatures besides 10 National, Regional and Local Newspapers (Daily) are being procured in the Institute Library for the use of Trainees and Employees. The Exiting library is shifted from Testing Building to a new Library room attached to the Administrative wing on 01.01.2010, to give easy access and utilization of Library/information service for its users/readers.


The training section of this Institute is outfitted with following laboratories to impart the practical training to the trainees under various training programmes.

Laboratories already developed Laboratories under developing stage
  • Tractor cut model & demonstration Lab.
  • Plant Protection Lab.
  • Manual and bullock drawn implement/equipments Lab.
  • Auto Electric Lab.
  • Appropriate Mechanization and Technology.
  • Farm Power Lab.
  • Value addition and Post-Harvest Technology Lab.
  • Irrigation Lab.
  • Gender friendly Equipment Lab.


The Audio Visual section is operational with TV, DVD, VCR, LCD projector and about 123 technical films in shape of VCDs and Cassettes, charts paintings, posters etc. to supplement “On-the-job” training under different training program. The institute is planning to upgrade the existing lab with modern equipments, sound systems, etc.

Lodging and Boarding facility

The Institute Hostel is set up with reasonable amenities to accommodate 80 trainees at a time. A four bedded rest/guest house with moderate facilities for the visitors has also been made in Hostel..

Stipend and Traveling charges

As per restructured training program, the stipend of the trainees, selected under User level course has pay Rs.200 per day. Besides this, the trainees selected under user level course are paid “to and from” traveling expenses by sleeper class of rail or by ordinary bus from their home-town or the applicant actually residing to Biswanath Chariali at the end of training program.

Land distribution (in hactors):

The Institute is in possession of 45 ha land and break-up of utilization of land is as below:

# Particulars Area
1 Area under Non-Residential and Residential Buildings 9.37 ha
2 Area for farming 10.57 ha
3 Area marked for Training and Testing (for different field operation & practices) 7.34 ha
4 Area under Coconut orchard 1.40 ha
5 Area under Teak Plantation 2.00 ha
6 Area under Titasapa 0.40 ha
7 Area under tea plantation 3.00 ha
8 Area under newly developed tea plantation 1.18 ha
9 Area under farm and security roads 2.95 ha
10 Area under security roads (Parallel to the boundary wall) 4.11 ha
11 Area under Bamboo Plantation 0.50 ha
12 Area under Misc. Horticulture Crops 2.18 ha


To show the live demonstration of the micro systems and its impacts on the Tea and fruit crops as well to have a regular flow of revenue, the Institute has completed the plantation of Tea, Coconut and Supari. The coconut has been planted in pockets of land, where-as, supari has been planted as a mixed plantation with Teeta-chappa along the both sides of all farm roads. The Tea plantation has been increased to get even better farm revenue. This Institute has also planted forest trees like teak and Teeta-chappa (Hawlong) and other plants like Neem, Gulmohor, Nahar, Silver oak, Kadam etc. The progress of such horticulture plantation is as under:

Plantation of trees

Sl. No. Name of the plant Progressive Total Remarks
1 Coconut 272 Planted in front of testing building, backside of Admn. Building and in farm area at back side of Type-D qtr/nearby tea garden. Plants are destroying due to disease.
2 Arecanut (Supari) 474 Planted in farm area.
3 Kathal 09 -
4 Kaju Badam, Khilikha, Bhomura, Amla 27 Planted nearby boundary wall (East side of tea garden)
5 Sapota 51 Planted a sapota orchard near tea garden.
6 Lemon 36 Planted at nearby residential quarters and hostel
7 Litchi 160 Planted at Litchi orchard (North East Side)
8 Dalchini 11 Planted nearby residential quarters
9 Neem, Golmohar (Red & Pink), Silver Oak, Ashoka Pendula, Siris, Kadam 391 Planted around Administration, testing, Training, Hostel & colony buildings. Ashoka have been planted in and around training wing
10 Teak Plants 1172 Planted behind Testing building & around pond near Main tank and land behind tractor shed
11 Tita-Sappa 1336 Planted in both sides of farm roads
12 Nahar 06 Planted nearby main road towards parking shed
13 Bamboo 800 Planted at eastern part parallel to boundary wall and near pond. But near boundary wall plants were uprooted since roots are damaging the wall
14 Bottle Palm Plants 35 Planting on the road sides towards residential colony and in front of trainee’s hostel
15 Tea Plantation 50300 The old tea garden which contains all total 33940 nos. of plants is situated at north side of the institute’s premises and the newly developed tea garden is situated at south- east side of the institute which contains 16360 nos. of plants
16 Gold Crest 24 Planted in front of administrative building
17 Sisso 28 Planted at eastern side parallel to the boundary wall
18 Gomari 29 Planted at residential colony and at northern side parallel to the boundary wall
19 Agaru 05 Planted at residential colony and in front of trainee’s hostel
20 Sonaru 05 Planted around the training building
21 Arjun 01 Planted at south west side parallel to the boundary wall
22 Pine Tree 04 Planted in front of type-v quarter and training building
Total 55176