Government of India
Ministry of Agriculture and Farmers Welfare
(Department of Agriculture and Farmers Welfare)
North Eastern Region Farm Machinery Training & Testing Institute
  Biswanath Chariali, District: Biswanath, Assam   
*An ISO 9001:2015 Certified Institute*


These types of tests are meant for establishing performance characteristics of machines that are in or ready for commercial production.
The following types of tests are included in this category:
1. Initial Commercial tests on indigenous or imported machines ready for commercial production.
2. Batch test on machines which have already undergone initial commercial test and/or are being manufactured commercially in the country.
3. Users’ Survey forms an essential component of batch testing programme which is designed for assessing general performance of tractors at farmers’ fields with regard to the durability of the machine and efficacy of after-sale-services provided by the manufacturers.


Confidential test are to carry out for providing confidential information on the performance of machines which are ready for commercial or non commercial production. It provides special data that may require by the manufacturer to improve the design.