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Ministry of Agriculture and Farmers Welfare
(Department of Agriculture, Cooperation and Farmers Welfare)
North Eastern Region Farm Machinery Training & Testing Institute
  Biswanath Chariali, Assam      Phone: 03715-222094
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Farming at NERFMT&TI

Land distribution (in hactors):
The Institute is in possession of 45 ha land and break-up of utilization of land is as below:
(i) Area under Non-Residential and Residential Buildings : 9.37 ha
(ii) Area for farming : 10.67 ha
(iii) Area marked for Training and Testing
(for different field operation & practices)
: 8.70 ha
(iv) Area under Coconut orchard : 1.40 ha
(v) Area under Teak Plantation : 2.00 ha
(vi) Area under Teeta-sappa : 0.40 ha
(vii) Area under tea plantation : 2.90 ha
(viii) Area under farm and security roads : 2.95 ha
(ix) Area under security roads (Parallel to the boundary wall) : 4.11 ha
(x) Area under Bamboo Plantation : 0.50 ha
(xi) Area under Misc. Horticulture Crops : 2.00 ha

To show the live demonstration of the micro systems and its impacts on the Tea and fruit crops as well to have a regular flow of revenue, the Institute has completed the plantation of Tea, Coconut and Supari. The coconut has been planted in pockets of land, where-as, supari has been planted as a mixed plantation with Teeta-chappa along the both sides of all farm roads. The Tea plantation has been increased to get even better farm revenue. This Institute has also planted forest trees like teak and Teeta-chappa (Hawlong) and other plants like Neem, Gulmohor, Nahar, Silver oak, Kadam etc. The progress of such horticulture plantation is as under:
Plantation of trees:
Sl. No.
Name of the plant
Progressive Total
1 Coconut 450 Planted in front of testing building, backside of Admn. Building and in farm area at back side of Type-D qtr/nearby tea garden. Plants are destroying due to disease.
2 Arecanut (Supari) 480 Planted in farm area
3 Kathal 40 -
4 Kaju, Badam, Khilikha, Bhomura, Amla 175 Planted nearby boundary wall (East side of tea garden)
5 Sapota 62 Planted a sapota orchard near tea garden.
6 Lemon 35 Planted at nearby residential quarters and hostel.
7 Litchi 450 Planted at Litchi orchard
8 Dalchini 20 Planted nearby residential quarters
9 Neem, Golmohar (Red & Pink), Silver Oak, Avenue, Ashok Pend 1170 Planted around Administration, testing, Training, Hostel & colony buildings. Ashoka have been planted in and around training wing. Besides 60 Nos. Moorpanki, 20 Nos. of Masanda Plant have also planted in and around training building. 120 Nos. neem planted in tea cultivation area as shed trees.
10 Teak Plants 1431 Planted behind Testing building & around pond near Main tank and land behind tractor shed.
11 TeetaSappa (Howlong) 1820 Planted in both sides of farm roads and
12 Nahar 20 Planted nearby main road towards parking shed.
13 Bamboo 800 Planted at eastern part parallel to boundary wall near pond. But near boundary wall plants are cut since roots are damaging the wall.
Total 6953